Trappers Needed!

To All:
Trappers and safety officers are needed for the July 31st shoot.
This is your last opportunity to get work hours for the 2015/2016 club year, the new work hour year starts August 1. If you can help please sign up at the clubhouse or email Joe Conte at

Annual Fallout Tickets

Attention Members

To All Members:

The bills for annual dues will be going out in mid August, if your dues are not paid by the October membership meeting (10/13/16)
You will be dropped from the membership NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Committee Chairman will be selected/appointed in the Sept. Membership meeting (9/08/16). The club is looking for a grounds chairman, If you would like to apply for that or any other committee chair position, contact Bill Blotney or Ray Garceau.

The Caretaker position is up for reappointment at the Sept. Meeting as well, if you are interested in the position contact Bill Blotney or Ray Garceau.

That’s all, enjoy the rest of the summer, be safe!!