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Help Set Up Sporting Clays & Archery Range

Attention members:  the Sporting Clays committee will be holding a work party to set up our course this year and we are looking for help.  This will be a two day work party on March 19th and 20th.

We are looking for people that have heavy rakes, gloves, chain saws, quads, tractors with trailers, hand tools, cordless drills, and if possible a portable welder.  The work party will start at 9 AM on both days and will go to 5 PM.

There is also a work party on the 19th at 8 AM to clean the archery range and prepare it for the new season.

For those interested, please email Joe Conte at to let us know the day or days that you will be working and what you will be bringing.

Also, please note that the rifle range will be closed both days for safety.

Fishing Season Near!

Fishing Season will begin on Saturday, March 26th, 2016.  Breakfast will be served at 6 AM.  Fishing starts at 7 AM.

The pond will be closed and stocked on Thursday, March 24th, 2016 and will reopen at 7 AM on March 26th.  There is a tagged fish pool entry for $10.  See John Stevens.

Wishing Well Game Dinner

Chris Holcomb is looking for pheasant donations for the Wishing Well Game Dinner! He will leave a cooler outside at the club and will process the birds. The cooler will be there this weekend and next weekend. Please donate to this worthy cause. If you would like to know more on the Wishing Well, visit their website at

Thank You!

Thanks to the elves who put up the Christmas Tree and decorated the club.

From left to right: Deb, Pauline, Darcie, Ana, Pam and Tracy

From left to right: Deb, Pauline, Darcie, Ana, Pam and Tracy

Also thanks to Nick Rinalli for cutting the tree and setting it up!!