Shooting Range



  • 65-yard range
  • Covered positions with rests
  • Rifles, handguns, shotguns (slugs and patterning)
  • Open to members and guests (limit one guest per member)

Rifle Range Rules & Regulations

  1. Authorized Users

    The club rifle range may be used at no charge by senior members, up to three guests*, spousal members, and junior members accompanied and strictly supervised at all times by their senior member sponsor. All users will sign in at the clubhouse in the rifle range log book before shooting, and sign out when done. Guests must be identified in the log book as “guest” and every member will indicate his or her membership status (senior, spousal, or junior). Members will wear their club buttons and carry their club membership cards while using the range.

    Every user is obligated to have read all of these rules and will be held fully accountable for his actions at the range.

    *During private preserve hunting season, guests are limited to one per member.

  2. Season and Hours

    • Range hours are every day at 9:00 AM to one half hour before sunset, except during the club’s private preserve hunting season and on Sundays, when sporting clay events are held.
    • During the private preserve season, the range hours are Tuesday through Friday from 12:00 PM to one half hour before sunset and Sunday from 9:00 AM to one half hour before sunset.
    • On Sundays, when sporting clay events are held, the range hours are 1:00 PM to one half hour before sunset.
    • Range users are expected to stay informed as to the opening and closing dates of the club’s private shooting preserve pheasant hunting season.
    • The rifle range will be closed when the clubhouse and/or grounds has been leased or donated to another group and use of the rifle range could present a danger.

  3. Safety

    Members who use the rifle range are required to be familiar with standard shooting range safety procedures. If not, they must arrange to have another qualified club member present to oversee the range activity.

    • Members and guests must sign in and out in the clubhouse activity book.
    • The red flag on the telephone pole at the range must be raised before shooting begins and must remain raised until all shooting has ceased.
    • All firearms being transported to and from the range will be unloaded and made safe.
    • No alcoholic beverages are allowed at the range.
    • Safety glasses and ear protection must be worn at all times while shooting.
    • Misfired rounds will be placed in the designated safety vault (red capped pipe).
    • Full automatic weapons are prohibited.
    • Glass targets, clay pigeons, and exploding targets are prohibited.
    • Metal spinner and knock down targets are form rim fire ammo only.
    • No rifles will be fired from the hip.
    • Targets are not to be placed on top of the berm.
    • The use of Hellfire Trigger Systems, Tri Burst Kits, or any other type of external/internal devices that aid in the rapid firing of any firearm is strictly prohibited.
    • The number of cartridges to be loaded and fired at one time is not to exceed 10 for a center fire rifle.
    • The use of buck shot load of any kind is prohibited.
    • Any person can call a “Cease Fire” for any reason:

      • All firearms on the firing line are to be unloaded, clips removed, chambers cleared, and actions opened.
      • Muzzle loaders are to have caps or primers removed.
      • Tube feed firearms are to have magazine tubes pulled a couple of inches past the muzzle.
      • Butt stock magazine tubes are to be pulled a couple of inches past the butt plates.
      • All firearms are to be placed on the benches with muzzles pointed down range, or placed in racks. Firearms are not to be touched or handled.
      • All persons must step behind “cease fire line” and stand with backs up against the railing.
      • When firing line is safe the chain can be dropped and members may go forward to check or retrieve their targets.
      • Once all members are back behind the chain an announcement must be made that the range is “Going Hot”.

    • All frames must be returned to the shed when shooters are finished.
    • All used brass must be retrieved and placed in the brass containers.