Fred Scimone : Trap

Fred Scimone


Todd Jackson : Trap

Todd Jackson



Team 1 (Trappers) Team 2 (Trappers)
Fred Scimone* Kevin De Simone*
Cindy Iasparra Kevin De Simone Jr.
James Kurz Richard Dahlin
Team 3 (Trappers) Team 4 (Trappers)
Mark Lofthouse* Jim Diker*
Christian Lofthouse Matt Ross
John Natoli Scott Moran
Team 5 (Trappers) Team 6 (Trappers)
Todd Jackson* Erich Gaston*
Luana Vaupotic Allan Dantonio
Al Guamieri Mark Delano
Team 7 (Alternates) Team 8 (House Maintenance)

Note:  The trap field will be closed on Christmas Eve Day (December 24th), Christmas Day (December 25th), New Year’s Eve Day (December 31st), and New Year’s Day (January 1st).


  • The new trap machine is up and running.  It is capable of throwing doubles!
  • We also have a wobble machine which will really challenge your skills!
  • Trap 101 Clinic starts in April.  Each class will consist of 3 people minimum to 5 people maximum to allow for more 1-on-1 training.
  • Corporate shoots are available with Trap 101 instruction.
  • Contact Joe for details!