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Mike Falcigno : Sporting Clays

Mike Falcigno

Sporting Clays

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Joe Conte : Sporting Clays

Joe Conte

Sporting Clays

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  • Sporting Clays range is closed on Wednesday afternoons during hunting season.
  • Trap machines are carefully positioned by the Sporting Clays committee. They should not be adjusted, moved or re positioned unless authorized.
  • Trappers are needed for each shoot.  To sign up, contact Joe Conte by phone or email.

2017 Schedule

8:00 AM Sign in and free breakfast for shooters
9:00 AM First round begins

  • April 2nd
  • April 23rd
  • Saturday, May 6th — Housatonic Boy Scout Council Shoot  (registration form will be posted on the website)
  • May 21th
  • June 11th
  • June 25th
  • July 9th
  • July 30th
  • Saturday, Aug 5th —CWA Sporting Clay Fun Shoot ( registration on CWA website) Connecticut Waterfowl Association,
  • August 13th
  • September 10th
  • Saturday, Sept 23rd–Ct Yankee Council Boy Scout Fun Shoot
  • October 8th
  • October 22th – – Shoot for Hunger  (Donations of a Non Perishable food item to be donated to Wallingford Food bank)
  • November 12th
  • December 3rd – – Toys For Tots  (Donations of a unwrapped toy to be donated)

Sporting Clay Rules & Regulations

  1. The Wallingford Rod & Gun Club sporting clays course is administered by the Sporting Clay Committee Chairperson(s) and is available for official club-sponsored meets, and for a “Trap Your Own” program involving trained members and guests. At all times, the use of the course will be carefully supervised by the sporting clays chairperson, co-chairperson, appointed Club Safety Official, or member who has been trained to safely operate the trap machines. An approved trapper list will be maintained by the sporting clays chairman and posted in the clubhouse at all times, and only members whose names appear on the list will be allowed to operate the sporting clay trap machines. At no time will anyone else be allowed to operate these machines. Guests and the general public are not allowed to operate or be in the immediate vicinity of any trap machine while it is being operated, adjusted, or repaired. The sporting clays chairperson or delegated representative shall be the final authority on all matters concerning safety and course operation, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.
  2. Standard shooting safety procedures will be strictly followed at all times, including the wearing of approved protective shooting glasses by the shooters, and approved hearing protection by all persons in the immediate vicinity. Anyone failing to obey safety rules of the sporting clay course will be asked to leave by one of the Sporting Clay officials.
  3. Only the use of shotguns is permitted and no more than two shells may be loaded at anytime. All shotguns are to be unloaded at all times, except for the current shooter in the shooting station. At all other times, shotguns will be unloaded, with the action open, and the muzzle pointed in a safe direction., with the exceptions when a shotgun is placed on a gun rack, at a station, or is being transported from station to station, in a golf bag style carrier, the action may be closed and the gun must be unloaded
  4. Ammunition will be restricted to 12, 16, 20, 28 gauge or 410 caliber shot shells with a maximum load of one and one-eighth (I 1/8) ounce of shot, and a maximum shot size of seven and one-half (7 1/2) and a maximum of 3 drams of powder.
  5. No children under the age of twelve years are allowed on the sporting clays course at any time when the course is in use. Twelve to sixteen year old children of senior club members are allowed on the course when strictly supervised at all times by their parent or other qualified, trapper-authorized adult.
  6. Absolutely no alcoholic beverages are allowed on the sporting clays course when the course is in use, or when trap machines are being worked on.
  7. Shooters and trappers are responsible for the disposal of all shell hulls, shell boxes, and other refuse in the refuse containers provided at each shooting station.
  8. Users of the sporting clays course will remain on the designated pathways while walking between stations.
  9. All sporting clay trap machines will remain under a locked protective cover at all times when the course or station is not in use. The covers shall be constructed in such a manner as to prevent unauthorized use or accidental discharge.
  10. Members who bring non-member guests to use the course will assume full responsibility for the actions of their guests.
  11. All guests must sign the sporting clays waiver form, and are expected to observe Wallingford Rod & Gun Club rules, regulations and policies. The member sponsor will be responsible for ensuring that the necessary waivers are on file, and that the guests follow all rules.
  12. At no time is a guest or an untrained member to take one of the trap machine keys from the clubhouse, and at no time is a guest to use the course without a trained member present and in control.
  13. During club run shoots there will be five shooters to a squad.
  14. Starting on station 12 and shooting stations in reverse sequence is not allowed.
  15. Shooters may not use mechanized vehicles, such as ATVs or golf carts, on the course.

Trap Your Own Rules and Policies

Authorized members (members who have completed the sporting clays safety training course, and whose names appear on the official trapper list posted in the clubhouse) and their guests may use the sporting clays facility for “Trap Your Own” shooting based upon all of the Sporting Clay Rules and the following additional rules or policies. Every user of the “Trap Your Own” facility is responsible for reading and understanding these rules.

  1. Authorized members and their guests must sign (register) in the sporting clays registration book on the table in the clubhouse before and after each use. After signing in and completing the necessary waivers, the responsible member may take one of the numbered keys (only one per group) for the trap cover locks. The member signing for the key is responsible for its return at the conclusion of shooting. Keys are not to be taken off club property at any time, and they are to be used only by the responsible member–not by guests.
  2. The trap machine at each station used is to be covered and locked at the conclusion of shooting at that station, and before moving on to the next station. Also, unused clays shall be returned to the target box, and the box closed and latched. No machine is to be left in the cocked position.
  3. Only the targets (clays) stored at a station shall be used at that station. If a station has no clays, that station is NOT to be used. Instead, move on to the next station. Stations will have no targets if the trap machine has been found to be in disrepair, and in need of maintenance. Under no conditions are targets from one station to be brought to another station.
  4. Do not adjust, move or attempt to repair trap machines, unless authorized to do so by the sporting clays chairperson. If you notice a problem with a machine or station, or you feel a dangerous condition exists, contact the chairman at your earliest convenience, or leave a note in the payment box with the date and a description of the problem.
  5. Shoot only the quantity of targets you pay for.
  6. Return the key to its storage place at the conclusion of shooting, and place payment in the box marked for sporting clays–the black mailbox on the south wall inside the clubhouse (the wall nearest the club pond).

Trap Your Own Rules Addendum
Enacted Thursday October 9, 2008

  • A club member may bring four guests to shoot Trap Your Own and the squad size may not exceed 5 shooters.
  • Only members who have been trained and certified may operate the sporting clay machines. A list of certified members will be posted in the clubhouse.
  • No member under the age of 18 may operate or stand next to a sporting clay machine, unless he was trained and certified before October 9, 2008.
  • The Sporting Clay Committee chairman will designate what machines may be used for Trap Your Own Shooting.
  • During the Hunting Season, the Sporting Clay course may be used for Trap your Own shooting on Wednesdays and Fridays from noon to one-half hour before sunset and Sundays all day.
  • The cost of a 50-clay bird shoot is $10 for members and $25 for nonmembers.

We are operating “Trap-Your-Own” on the honor system. Please follow the rules and enjoy your shooting.