Paul Inserra : Archery

Paul Inserra


(203) 269-3192


  • Targets for field points and broadheads
  • Ground positions and elevated platform
  • Box targets and 3D
  • Open to members and guests (one guest per member)

Every day from 9:00 AM until half hour before sunset

Rules & Regulations

  1. The club archery ranges may be used at no charge by senior members, up to one guest, spousal members and junior members accompanied and strictly supervised at all times by their senior member sponsor.
  2. All users will sign in at the clubhouse in the archery range log before shooting, and sign out when done.
  3. Guests must be identified in the registration book as “guest” and every member will indicate his or her membership status (senior, spousal, or junior).
  4. Members will carry their club membership cards while using the range.
  5. Every user is obliged to have read all of these rules, and will be held fully accountable for his actions at the range.
  6. The archery range is open from sunrise to sunset throughout the year except when the use of the clubhouse and/or grounds has been leased by or donated to another group.
  7. No alcoholic beverages are allowed at the archery ranges.
  8. When looking for a lost arrow you must lean your bow against the target you were shooting at.
  9. Parking is restricted to the club parking lot, with no parking allowed on or along side the driveway.
  10. Crossbows and broadhead-tipped arrows may be used only on designated targets.

This is your range; keep it SAFE, SIMPLE, and CLEAN!