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Dog Training

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September is a great month to get your dog ready for the season ahead. The cover is in great shape for training!

The club has two licensed training areas:

  • At the north end of the pond (mainly used for water work)
  • A 10-acre area in the orchard

To get to the orchard, go through the gate and to the right. The area is located on the north side of the main road that goes up the hill. You can run your dogs anywhere in the orchard but please remember: any training involving shooting birds must be done in the designated training area. (It is a large area boxed in shape with signs. When you are in the area you will see the back side of the signs.)

The north end of the pond is a fantastic place to start your puppy out getting acclimated to distant gun fire from the surrounding rifle ranges. You can use the woods that border the water training area to search and retrieve dead birds or bumpers. This area has very little cover on the forest floor so a pup can move freely with good visibility.

Adult dogs can do blind retrieves across the pond or learn to wait until sent for a retrieve. This will help with more control in the field while conditioning at the same time. All our training areas have the capability to train up your dogs to any level of hunter or field trial dog.

We offer small demonstrations and conditioning designated to help your dog be the most effective and well-mannered hunting partner (s)he can be. Anyone interested in a tour of the areas may contact Rocco for an appointment. He is more than happy to go over the grounds with you.

Dog Training Area Rules

  1. Members must register at the clubhouse before beginning dog training. A guest may accompany the member but he/she may not kill any birds.
  2. Members, including juniors and spousal members, must have valid Connecticut state hunting licenses and carry their membership cards when using the dog training area. Blaze orange clothing, consistent with Connecticut DEP regulations, must be worn by all users of the orchard property at all times with the exception of work parties. Any junior member under age seventeen carrying a firearm will be accompanied and supervised at all times by his senior member sponsor or other hunting-eligible adult member who has agreed to accept responsibility for him.
  3. Dog training will be restricted to orchard property only, unless water training at the designated club water training area. To protect nesting game birds, all non-water training and exercising during the months of April, May, and June will be restricted to the five acre designated area of the orchard.
  4. Pheasants, quail, chukars, and pigeons may be used to train dogs. These birds may be killed only in the five acre designated area of the orchard marked by signs. Any bird killed must be banded by the hunter with a sealed numbered tag available at the clubhouse. No birds may be killed on Sunday.
  5. Dog training is permitted from 7 a.m. to one-half hour before sunset except during the club bird-hunting season. Dog training is prohibited during hunting season, including on Sunday. Dog water training or refreshing is permitted between the signs at the north end of the pond, provided no one is fishing between the signs at the time. If a member is currently fishing in the specified area, dog training or refreshing will be permitted only with the fisherman’s permission. If the area is being used for dog training or refreshing, fisherman will refrain from fishing that area until the area is free.
  6. The leash law will be in effect for all dogs from the south end of the parking lot past the clubhouse to the first dog training sign located at the north end of the pond.


  • Be considerate of others. Please clean up after your dog.
  • Dog training will be postponed in the event of planned herbicide spraying.